Perline Totem

design (a+b) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto
Perline is a modular sound-absorbing system, composed of panels in shapes and colors reminiscent of precious gems; made with Snowsound technology. The panels are attached to a steel tube affixed to an epoxy-coated steel base. The panels can rotate on their own axis, lending themselves to multiple different configurations. “The design of these units is inspired by the idea of a thread of differently shaped and colored precious gems strung together to form a necklace or pendant earrings.” Perline is a scalable modular system based on units that add both formality and softness to a space and significantly enhance its acoustic and aesthetic quality.


4067 Aquamarine
4067 Aqua
7074 Rose quartz
7074 Rose
8002 Cool white
8002 Cool White
8007 Charcoal Gray
8007 Charcoal Gray

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