Sezgin Aksu

Sezgin Aksu is a Turkish-born designer who studied in Germany, France and Italy. A collaborator of Michele De Lucchi for around ten years, he is today one of the most renowned designers of his generation, who has found in Italy a stage where to exercise his talent. A refined artisan, his projects begin with a sketched concept that passes through a series of developments geared towards establishing the initial idea as part of the final solution within any creative activity. Irony resides alongside precise details in all forms in which he has so far practised; for Caimi, with whom he has collaborated since 2002, he has designed small objects such as umbrella stands, baskets, planters and chairs using the company’s traditional materials without ever abandoning the dialogue between the most advanced research in the field of acoustic sustainability and the more traditional forms of residential living, as seen for example in the design for a sofa.