Alberto e Francesco Meda

Alberto Meda is a master of Italian and international design. Due to his engineering background, since his earliest experiences he has always considered humanistic enlightenment as a pre-requisite of any design intended for use by people. He has collaborated with Caimi since 2012, bringing his son Francesco – a young designer with a focus on traditional craftsmanship – along with him on this new professional adventure. The Flap sound-absorbing panel system (Compasso d’Oro 2016) represents the first stage of this convergence between a company always cognisant of the relevant construction – and, therefore, engineering – aspects, and a creative mind-set that, while respecting the product’s structural requirements, never fails to deploy an unexpected and surprising symbolic language. This helps to explain the extraordinary “landscape-like” aspects of the Flap and Sipario solutions, which afford the customer the opportunity to complete the journey inherent in the product’s design.