Fiber 1 Color - Antimicrobial

design Caimi Lab

FIBER 1 – COLOR is a solid color acoustic fabric with Sable type reinforcement and style. The fabric does not have a precise direction and this allows one to work and cut it according to different shapes. Sable is a luxurious Chenille Fabric with a stunning soft-finish medium weight and cotton blend. As a result of the beautiful soft pile and subtle corrugated texture, Sable catches the light with a textured but uniform appearance with contrasting and dotted effects within the weave that make it shiny.

Additionally, Fiber 1 Color is a fully sound-absorbent, antimicrobial textile that helps you be HIPAA compliant. It delivers the surroundings of acoustic comfort and privacy. It is the ONE fabric for Healthcare that’s good for you. As the industry’s only sound-absorbing textile on the market with patented technology that is permanently fire resistant and antimicrobial, Snowsound Fiber 1 provides peace of mind, acoustic comfort and privacy, and easy cleaning and maintenance. The silver ions in the polymer inhibit the growth of bacteria spreading in and on the fiber, keeping the textile fresher for longer, all while providing the industry’s best acoustic performance.
Applications: Drapes, Curtains, Room Dividers and Partitions. Textile approved for Fabric Wrapped Panels.