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There are two central figures in the world of industrial design: the designer and the company. The models of collaboration vary based on the type of company in question, and on its identity, but they are in any case synonymous with the Made in Italy badge. In the case of Snowsound and Caimi Lab – which, since its foundation in 1949, has focused on the concept of research and, therefore, of protecting inventions – the role of the designers, with utmost respect to their inventive autonomy, is directly linked to the constant innovation of technology and process that lies behind every product. Out of this design philosophy comes a specific method: knowledge and original solutions are built together, step by step, with accelerations, afterthoughts, intuitions and new paradigms. Only in this way it is possible to construct a virtuous, ongoing relationship with each individual designer, respecting the role that each person has to play. The same system of the company’s products highlights, on the one side, the identity and general recognition of the brand, and on the other, the individualism of each of the designers involved.

In 1980, he opened his own practice and started working with, and providing consultancy to companies in a range of manufacturing sectors. He has designed furniture, lamps and objects for numerous companies…

Lorenzo Stano

An architect and designer, since 1984 she has been active in design and research in the field of materials and environmental sustainability, concentrating from the outset on activates of education, awareness and cultural promotion, through lectures, seminars and design courses in Italy and abroad…

Frida Doveil

Zambelli is a co-founder of Padiglione Italia, a designers’ collective which seeks to present the specifics of the Italian design scene. He never sees his work purely as an exercise in style. He believes an inner soul must enliven every object…

Alessandro Zambelli

The distinctive characteristics of his work is the research and definition of new object typologies. In November 2012 he launches Internoitaliano, the “factory network” made up of many craftsmen labs with whom he signs and produces furniture and accessories inspired by the italian way of living…

Giulio Iacchetti

He has focused on design in a wide range of industrial and crafts contexts, concentrating on questions of function combined with typological innovation…

Matteo Ragni

Aldo Cibic

Pierandrei Associati

Carlo Forcolini

Mario Bellini

Silvia Suardi

Eleonore Peduzzi Riva

Felicia Arvid

Pietro Arosio

Francesco Radaelli

Giancarlo Fassina

Chiara Bevegni

Graziano Friscione

Raffaello Manzoni

Paul De Feiter

Claus Breinholt

Marco Cocco

Massimo Colagrande

Philippe Nigro

Venanzio Arquilla

Marco Cocco