Alessandro and Francesco Mendini

Alessandro and Francesco Mendini are two leading international architects, recognised and recognisable throughout the world due to their specific expressive language, where the product’s form is entrusted to an always structural – and never solely decorative – colour composition. Since the 1960s, they have designed buildings, stations, plants and museums the world over. Theirs is a unique “alphabet” and for this reason it never repeats itself, precisely because as a system of abstract signs and figures, its potential permutations are as infinite as those of a spoken language. The identifiability of their designs is not a limitation of their creative process; each specific response to the customer’s requests is always unique and functional vis-à-vis the product’s needs, but inscribed with the dictionary of the Mendini studio. Since 2015, they have collaborated with Caimi on a series of projects aimed at comprehensively answering the challenges of sound absorption, prioritising the use of technical fabrics and constructing, at the same time, forms and products that are unmistakably “Mendinian”.