Suspended Sound Absorbing Panels

Suspended Sound Absorbing Panels by Snowsound are the synthesis between the need to improve the acoustics in rooms and the desire to propose furniture elements and architectural products of Italian design.

Sound is formed by waves that tend to be reflected from solid surfaces having limited absorption capacity. When sound is not controlled, it turns into noise. Spaces with materials like concrete, metal or glass, often create very disturbing and bothersome echoes and reverberation – what we perceive as noisy. Sound absorbing materials are created from the need to improve acoustics in these environments. 

The acoustic characteristics of traditional panels and modern felt panels tend to demonstrate less capacity to absorb low frequencies (below 500 Hz), progressively more with regard to the midrange (between 500 and 2,000 Hz) and to a greater extent with regard to the high frequencies (above 2,000 Hz). Thanks to the Snowsound technologies, the acoustic performance of Snowsound suspended products solves all problems related to excessive reverberation in closed environments, particularly in offices, conference rooms, public spaces like lobbies and lounges, and in restaurants. This is achieved in a completely eco-friendly way, starting from 100% recyclable materials.

All Snowsound Suspended Sound Absorbing Panels were tested in a reverberation room according to ISO 354 / ASTM C423 standards obtaining “Class A sound absorption” to ISO 11654 standards.



design Caimi Lab


design Alberto and Francesco Meda

Clasp Ring

design (a+b) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Quaquaro

Botanica Ceiling

design Mario Trimarchi

Perline Ceiling

design (a+b) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto-Quaquaro

Clasp Divider



design Marc Sadler, Marc-Sadler

Flap Wings

design Alberto and Francesco Meda

Clasp Ceiling

desig (a+b) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Quaquaro


design by Gio Ponti

Giotto Ceiling

design Sezgin Aksu

Giotto Lux

design Sezgin Aksu

Flap Chandelier

design Alberto and Francesco Meda


design Caimi Lab

Flap Chain

design Alberto and Francesco Meda

Baffle Oversize

design Marc Sadler

Tra Light

design Marc Sadler

Oversize Ceiling Suspended

design Caimi Lab

Si Sboccia

design Moreno Ferrari

Mitesco Ceiling Suspended

design Michele De Lucchi


design Alessandro and Francesco Mendini

Clasp Wall

design (a+b) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Quaquaro
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