Fiber 8 Bouclè

design Caimi Lab
FIBER 8 – BOUCLE’ is a double-sided acoustic fabric with two different textures and two different coats: a soft and rich side characterized by the typical “curls” of the bouclè that generate shiny/matte effects and then you have a more technical, shaved and less designed side. Fiber 8 is a Jacquard fabric. Boucle’ is the fabric obtained from a fancy yarn characterized by knots and small eyelets that generate an irregular fabric surface.

Applications: Drapes, Curtains, Room Dividers and Partitions. Upholstery, Lamp Shades and Fabric Wrapped Panels. Wallcoverings with Polyester Felt Backing.

800 Bouclè
801 Bouclè
802 Bouclè
803 Bouclè
804 Bouclè
805 Bouclè
806 Bouclè
807 Bouclè
808 Bouclè
809 Bouclè