Gillo Dorfles

One of the most internationally esteemed art, design and architecture theorists and critics, Gillo Dorfles has been surrounded by designers since the 1930s, constantly engaging with the most up-to-the-minute styles and languages, regarding the world without aesthetic prejudice. We need only consider his studies on Kitsch, which have become an international benchmark. Eclecticism, for Gillo, means having an open mind, sacrificing neither your own identity nor the undertaking of unique intellectual adventures. Painting has been a constant part of his life, and his output, in qualitative terms, reached an acknowledged and established level without him ever abandoning continual research, which seems to arise out of his desire to compare and contrast ideas; his Vitrioldrawings, exhibited as recently as 2017, represent nothing more than the latest stage in his development as a visionary. For Caimi, however, Gillo worked as a designer for the first time in 2017, when he came up with a series of Snowsound Art sound-absorbing panels—a project transforming a function into an art gallery, accessible and available to anyone who is passionate about engaging with the aesthetics of the everyday.