King and Miranda

…”What they bring to design has nothing to do with an instantly recognisable stylistic signature, or a set of mannerisms, or even the adoption of a portemanteau of attitudes borrowed from philosophy or literature. Instead they have a particular way of looking at problems, and a freshness of approach, one that combines functionalism, with the richer intensity of their own personalities. Above all to them, design is not a question of putting half digested imagery through a blender, but is the result of observation and thought, a taming of the machine age, with the introspection that comes from an examination of the unchanging preoccupations of man, for conviviality, sitting by a window, and looking into the embers of the fire.”…

Deyan Sudjic

From the introduction to the catalogue of the travelling exhibition of work by King & Miranda “Lonely Tools”, held in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Tokyo in 1989.