Fiber 3 Melange

design Caimi Lab
FIBER 3 – MELANGE is an acoustic “wool” finish woven fabric, obtained from the set of yarns composed of light and dark fibers, then dyed in pieces to give the collection a tweed effect. The fabric does not have a precise direction and this allows one to work and cut it according to different shapes. Melange-Tweed is the fabric obtained with a weave given by a set of yarns of different colors whose fibers have been mixed before spinning to give a melted, intertwined and shaded effect. “Tweed” defines a particular wool fabric originating from Scotland, soft and warm.
Applications: Drapes, Curtains, Room Dividers and Partitions. Upholstery, Lamp Shades and Fabric Wrapped Panels.
300 Melange
302 Melange
303 Melange
304 Melange
305 Melange
306 Melange
307 Melange
308 Melange
309 Melange
310 Melange
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