Moreno Ferrari

For Moreno Ferrari, fashion is not just his day job; it is a way of interpreting the world. An indefatigable experimenter, with a grounding philosophy that makes him impregnable to any design attitude that does not consider the fact that research is ongoing, infinite. Moreno, however, is not restricted to “thinking different”: his creations also serve as a paradigm from which the manufacturing system can then develop a series of solutions that are suitable for everyday use. He won the Compasso d’Oro in 2004 with “Transformabili”, for C.P. Company. This project – which saw the shift from the body as fashion’s well-worn frame of reference to a concept of clothing as bodily protection – transformed the garment into a sort of “mobile home”. He has always pursued a practical utopia capable of introducing into design a constant dialogue between varying scales, complementary functions, and apparently disparate technologies and materials. He has collaborated with Caimi since 2014 and particularly during the 21st Milan Triennale, where he came up with a series of “over-sized pieces of clothing” that acted as sound-absorbing materials in an architectural space, without neglecting their evocative symbolism.