Lorenzo Damiani

Having studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, Lorenzo Damiani is one of the young designers maintaining the grand tradition of the Italian masters such as Franco Albini, Achille Castiglioni and Marco Zanuso, whereby an object is always born within a context, perhaps historical or mental; and its function, symbolic language, materials and even its technology originate from that point.
As a result, his designs can be used in any space, but it is thanks to this versatility that they maintain their own identity, avoiding confusion with passing fashions. From any perspective, Damiani belongs to the Brianza district in terms of his enterprising culture, but also in an (at times unexpected) attention to detail that represents the fundamental purpose of any familiar object, whether it be a seat or a bookcase. A sort of Duchamp of design, he has worked with Caimi for the last decade, bringing with him his unique experience, which enables him to identify multiple potential uses for a given object—it depends on the individual’s point of view, as in the case of the Blade bookcase