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In keeping with the Company’s deeply rooted commitment to open engagement with society, Open Lab will not work exclusively on behalf of Caimi, but will also serve as a non-profit facility at the disposition of  universities, research institutes, foundations and public bodies, which may use the laboratories for study and research purposes, especially in the field of sound and acoustics, and in their search for new ways of improving human health and psychophysical wellbeing.

“… the Politecnico di Milano community is watching the latest challenge taken up by the company with interest and admiration: the company has invested in a major research facility, the Open Lab sound absorption laboratory for testing materials and objects. This remarkable investment will not go unnoticed. (Luisa Collina, Dean of the Milan Polytechnic School of Design)
“The latest developments achieved by the Nova Milanese-based company are very exciting indeed and include the creation of the Caimi Open Lab centre, a facility with a focus on the fundamental question of sustainability in design. The interdisciplinary hub has a keen interest in experimenting with new materials and technologies that respect nature and the environment.” (Stefano Boeri, Chairman of Triennale Milano)
“Considering industrial research as a driver of cultural development puts the Museum and Caimi on the same wavelength in the parallel development of shared activities. In this respect, the soon-to-be-inaugurated Caimi Open Lab, with its international outreach and welcoming attitude towards compatible public institutions, represents a rare example of cooperation.” (Fiorenzo Galli, General Manager of Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan)
“… the best lesson that broad-minded, curious design students fascinated by the future and keen to take a leading role going forward could possibly receive; a lesson now enriched by the exciting new possibilities offered by Caimi’s Open Lab. With Caimi students can think about how to tackle today’s challenges and even imagining those of tomorrow, through the sharing of research activities.” (Niccolò Casiddu, Director of the Department of Architecture and Design University of Genoa)
“… Open Lab, the latest initiative from Caimi, which has once again shown that top-notch design is firmly ingrained in both the family’s and the company’s DNA.” (Luciano Galimberti, Chairman of ADI – Industrial Design Association)


Not-for-profit research activities by third parties using Open Lab require the prior approval of the Company and the Scientific Committee. The latter, a support body whose members are drawn from different disciplines, convenes periodically sometimes to consider projects that seem to have a particular social, scientific or artistic potential, and sometimes to propose new areas of research.