Lorenzo Palmeri

Lorenzo is one of those rare international designers with an exceptionally wide-ranging background: an architect who also has a degree in musical composition from the Conservatorio di Milano. Designing an object is like composing a piece of music; each part is autonomous – originating from a recognisable language – and proceeds to mark out structures that take on a value all of their own. John Cage is a frame of reference for Lorenzo, insofar as silence is part of his working method; the silence found in the presence of another. The one-of-a-kind guitar that he made for Lou Reed has become the stuff of legend.
Collaborating with Caimi since 2012 and effectively fusing the two cultures that constitute his background, he was responsible for Corista, a system the like of which had not existed previously. Designed for people performing music in untraditional environments, the system’s panels construct an architecturally invisible space around the musicians, without compromising the composition’s freedom and veracity. Design, music and architecture still have much to say, and Lorenzo’s efforts are focused on that endeavour.