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The first 70 years of our company have not only spanned a considerable period of time, but also represent a long “history” marked by endeavours, projects, ideas and courage. Only from this perspective can one comprehend the rationale for creating a cutting-edge laboratory like the one we have just built. For us research, experimentation and continuous improvement are not just buzzwords, they actually epitomize our company’s soul, our “history”. Our long and successful existence confirms that without research and innovation there can be no product, no design and no industry.

In order to take our narrative to a new level, we needed the laboratories to be built in the place where our company was founded, where our first manufacturing processes were started, and where our father’s industriousness and ingenuity paved the way for the company’s future success. With their focus on acoustic research, experimentation with new materials and design prototyping, these laboratories will be the control booth for Caimi’s entire future strategy, a wellspring of new ideas and a tangible sign of our openness towards society and the market. It is no coincidence that we’ve named the facility “Open Lab”.

However, Open Lab will not be the exclusive domain of Caimi. In view of the social awareness that has flowed through our company’s veins since the very beginning, Open Lab will be a NON-PROFIT facility that universities, research institutes, foundations and organisations may use free of charge for studying and researching sound, acoustics and more, to develop new solutions for enhancing people’s health and psychophysical well-being.

Open Lab: open-mindedness, openness to the world, openness to the future. By looking back we can see the way forward.


Where the research “opens” to non-profit

Open Lab opens its doors and spaces by making them available free of charge to universities, institutions and researchers, promoting non-profit research and sharing knowledge related to the psycho-physical well-being of people in order to define new models of excellence and cutting-edge solutions.


Where experimentation becomes innovation

In line with Caimi’s philosophy of continuous technological evolution, Open Lab is a research and experimentation laboratory where innovative materials can be studied and new technologies implemented.


Where “innovating is learning”

Strongly desired by Caimi to put its technological avant-garde at the service of all, the Open Lab project includes the organization of Training Courses, lectures and Training Camp – aimed at architects, schools and universities – Acoustics Seminars and Workshops in the field of sound, material and space design.


Where excellence “resonates”

Through the continuous study of the human habitat, Open Lab becomes the centre of research and development where ergonomics, aesthetics, modularity and technology meet to explore unexpressed design potential and apply it effectively to materials and products.