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Snowcustom is a patented sound-absorbing panel made of variable density polyester fibers covered in Snowsound-Fiber 1 Color Antimicrobial, or 3 Melange or 8 Bouclè fabric. It is available as both a wall and ceiling version. A wide range of sizes and finishes means these panels can cater to different aesthetic and architectural needs. The panels can be cut to size and “custom ordered” to fit any space. The panels are mounted with a magnetic hardware kit and metal plates affixed to a wall or suspended from a ceiling by a steel frame held in place by height-adjustable cables. For custom shapes or unlisted dimensions and colors, please contact our sales department. 


300 Melange
302 Melange
303 Melange
304 Melange
305 Melange
306 Melange
307 Melange
308 Melange
309 Melange
310 Melange
311 Melange
312 Melange
313 Melange
314 Melange
315 Melange
800 Bouclè
801 Bouclè
802 Bouclè
803 Bouclè
804 Bouclè
805 Bouclè
806 Bouclè
807 Bouclè
808 Bouclè
809 Bouclè
0001 Color
1008 Color
2005 Color
3008 Color
4027 Color
4030 Color
7004 Color
8004 Color