design Alessandro and Francesco Mendini

“The special fibers of which these components are made augment the amount of acoustic absorption, since the curves or cylinders are based on precise ratios and measurements in order to obtain precise layers of fiber. Also, in the top of these rather mysterious objects are iron panels of a particular shape, which allow the fibers to hang in a way that makes them look like drapery. The visual softness of these components gives them something in common with the delicacy of textile furnishings and, as a result, also makes them suitable for use in classic environments where rigid shapes cannot be introduced. The Diesis (Sharp) and Bemolle (Flat) components we have designed are modular and can be made to the size which optimizes their performance. They look rather mysterious because they are a really new, unusual phenomenon in the acoustic sphere.” (Atelier Mendini)

Diesis and Bemolle are sound-absorbing elements with steel base and drapes based on Snowsound Fiber technology. These pieces feature steel frames at the top that create the sound-absorbing drape, thus assuming precise rays and layers, designed to optimize acoustic performance. Bemolle is designed for wall-mounting. Its “U” curves create three layers of fabric designed specifically for optimal performance. Bemolle is also available with an internal LED element (offering indirect upper illumination).

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design Alessandro and Francesco Mendini
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