Marc Sadler

One of the first to graduate in Esthetique Industrielle from ENSAD in Paris, Marc Sadler is something of a one-off in the panorama of international designers who have chosen to live and work in Italy. He has collaborated as a design supervisor with some of the largest worldwide groups in the sporting goods and electrical appliances industries, maintaining the core ideas and practices of the “Renaissance” workshop while deploying all the skills of the industrial system with a view towards finding appropriate, coherent solutions to each individual request. He has covered all the bases: from applied research to the invention of new materials, and from manufacturing infrastructure to marketing, without ever losing sight of the design; so much so, in fact, that when necessary throughout his career he has also served as an entrepreneur. A kind of European Leonardo of the modern design world, born in Austria to French parents, he has a studio in Milan; working with Caimi since 2001, he scooped the 21st Compasso d’Oro with the Big bookcase, thanks to a patent that “invisibly” rendered an innovative aesthetic solution possible. Given his stylistic imprint, it is fitting that he encountered a company that has made its name from patents.